I have many years experience driving all over Ireland. I used to be a national sales representative for Fujifilm and later Sony that required me to drive to every corner of the country and even into Northern Ireland on a daily basis so I became very familiar with all the highways and back roads. My background working for two big international media and photography companies gave me an extra awareness of the outstanding scenic sights I would pass by on my travels around the country.

I decided to get my SPSV license. In Ireland you have to have a special Small Public Service Vehicle, SPSV, license for both the driver and the vehicle. In order to get the license as a driver I had to pass a rigorous test of my knowledge of the regulations. Vehicle also have to pass special SPSV tests every year. After getting my SPV license I initially drove for a limousine company part time. Working for them I met a variety of people from ordinary travelers to VIP's that included presidents of major companies and others.  

After years of experience working for someone else, I bought my own limousine and started driving on my own. I used my experience as a driver and knowledge of the country to specialize in offering guided tours for couples that want to explore Ireland without the stress and danger of driving on their own. I've developed a reputation for providing outstanding services at fair rates for my clients. I have a customer oriented approach to my work that has helped me grow my business by word of mouth from satisfied clients. 

Contact me today for more information about myself and my services to discuss what I can do to make your trip to Ireland a memorable one.

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