Ireland Tours

When you arrive at Dublin Airport and go to your baggage claim you are greeted by this big sign that says In Ireland Drive on the Left. While driving on the left can become second nature after awhile it's a sad fact that every year American lives are lost on Irish roads in accidents, no matter how careful they are. It can especially dangerous entering round abouts, making turns on to other roads,  and driving on very narrow country roads. You have to be constantly aware of your driving to avoid accidents and that takes away from the enjoyment of the trip for the driver and often the passengers in the car too. Why not sit back and relax and let a professional licensed driver do the driving so you can enjoy the scenery. I also know all the most scenic routes and best routes to get to your destination quickly and safely. 

It's less expensive than you think when you calculate the high cost of car rentals, required insurance, and the high price of fuel in Ireland. Insurance is confusing and can be expensive. Most rental cars are manual shift. If you want to book an automatic you may have to pay a premium and you should book well in advance to be certain you'll get one. If you rent a car at the Dublin Airport you have to pay an airport collection fee. You even have to be aware of Dublin's M50 tolls. It takes advance planning before you rent.

In Ireland you can rent a car up to the age of 99 and there are no surcharges for senior drivers, however not all rental companies will rent to drivers over 70 years of age or older. Some companies will require you to print out a  medical certificate that states you are fit to drive. They may also ask for a letter from your insurance company that states you are currently driving and you haven't had an accident in the past five years. They may ask for these documents five days before you rent your car.
City Tours

If you want a good orientation of the city a good way to become familiar with it is a city tour without the hassle of trying to drive on the left in Dublin traffic. I can pick you up at your hotel and drive you around town pointing out the sites that you'll want to go back and visit on foot. You can incorporate this into your Ireland tour if you want to spend some time in Dublin before moving on to see the rest of the country or just make it a stand alone tour.
The overnight flight from America can be exhausting and it's nice to have someone waiting at the airport to help you with your luggage and drive you to your hotel. This can also be part of your irish tour. Many  of my customers like to start their Irish adventure by spending a a day or twoin Dublin City. It gives them a chance to rest up from their flight and see the many sites in Irelands capital before they go on a tour of the rest of the country. You can also incorporate a City tour into your itinerary if you would like.

One Way
Some clients may prefer to fly into Dublin and back to the USA out of Shannon on the West Coast. This is a great way see the country, especially the scenic West of Ireland when you are on a time restraint. You can also do the opposite, that is fly into Shannon and out of Dublin.
Round Trip
If you have more time you can plan a round trip itinerary and fly in and out of Dublin. i can drive you one way and back along a completely different route . Contact me if you would like help in planning your itinerary. There are many different round trip routes you can take depending upon what you want to see and how long you have scheduled for your vacation.

Day Trip
You may want to consider just taking a day trip. There are lots of things to see in a single day that are close by to Dublin. Maybe you can top off the day with a great meal at a place like Johnnie Fox's in the nearby scenic Wicklow mountains.